Buddhism for Busy People – Guided Meditations


Buddhism for Busy People is one of Australia’s most loved introductions to the Buddha’s teachings.

(Compact Disc -1 hour)


In this partner recording to Buddhism for Busy People, David Michie provides four different guided meditations to help you begin your own meditation practice right away.

Getting started:

  • The best physical and psychological posture (5 mins)
  • Useful tools for your meditations (5 mins)
  • Meditation 1 – Breathing meditation: nine cycle technique (10 mins). A time-honoured meditation to settle the mind and cultivate profound calm
  • Meditation 2 – The healing power of Medicine Buddha (20 mins). Connect to the healing qualities of your own mind through this powerful visualisation
  • Meditation 3 – Cultivating compassion: taking and giving (20 mins). One of Tibetan Buddhism’s most loved meditations to develop heartfelt compassion and happiness
  • Meditation 4 – Analytical meditation: the benefits of the perfection of generosity (10 minutes) Bringing the mindfulness of bodhichitta to daily life


Additional information

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Dimensions 14 × 13 × 1.5 cm

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