Good Karma


Author: Thubten Chodron

Lojong, or mind-training is a practice that has gained astonishing popularly in recent years:because it works in transforming hearts and minds. Here is a presentation of lojong teachings with which people have become so familiar through the books of Pema Chodron and others, and that is every bit as powerful for imbuing the mind with intelligence and the heart with compassion.

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This is Thubten Chodron’s commentary on a Tibetan poem with the imposing title “Wheel of Sharp Weapons”. It is, as the title of this book indicates, an explanation of how karma works in our lives. But in explaining how to create good karma and avoid the negative effects of bad karma, it shows us how to live our lives with kindness and honesty:which makes things better not only for ourselves, but also for everyone else in the world.central tenets.


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