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The Buddha’s teaching on the fundamental nature of the human mind has always been a great source of inspiration and hope for me. That the intrinsic nature of the mind is our ever abiding natural potential for enlightenment contradicts the common notion that human nature is something negative. Foreword by HH Dalai Lama to the Fundamental Potential for Enlightenment by Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden.

Based on Buddha Maitreya’s explanation of the nature and potential of the mind, and  why it is possible to transform this potential into a state of enlightenment, these teachings are suitable for both experienced students and newer students who have completed an introduction course.

The text for this course is the book by Geshe Loden, Fundamental Potential for Enlightenment.

Registration in this course is not required, and students attend on a week by week basis. While no charges are made for teachings, we do suggest a $10 donation towards running costs of the temple