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Morning tea and lunch provided
Course cost $120 - Registration Essential

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The aim of meditation is not merely to become calm or tranquil
 – we need to also transform the mind.

Meditation is a tool to develop ethics, generosity, patience, the thought of concern for others, and to eliminate dysfunctional, neurotic thought patterns.

When we first begin to meditate we notice the cascade of thoughts and how we invest them with a reality they don’t have – independent, true. We have allowed them some authority or power over us – rather than seeing them as just processes of an ongoing flow – arising, abiding and passing.

Thoughts are only as powerful as we allow them to be – they can create the negative -  sadness, depression and so on, or they can also create the positive – kindness, compassion, happiness -  a happiness which is not subject to external conditions or circumstances.


Neuroscience is now showing how this change is possible, not only for yogis in exotic places, but for everyday, modern people like ourselves.

This one-day seminar introduces several basic meditation techniques effective for overcoming the debilitating symptoms of stress and unhappiness, and enhancing the quality of life and relationships.

Sessions consist of guided meditation introducing special methods for relaxing the mind and body. Instructions are given in the practical application of the meditation techniques to every day life situations.

We do not have to sit cross-legged to meditate. We can meditate in any posture or position and most people prefer to sit in chairs during the course.

This is not a religious course, and people of any faith can meditate.