Our Classes & Retreats

We hold a number of classes each week and annual retreats of varying lengths on various topics. Most retreats will be suitable for students of all levels, whilst some have pre-requisites.

Introduction to Buddhism

This series is intended for anyone interested in understanding Buddhist approaches to a happier life, Buddhist philosophy and psychology, as well as learning several meditation techniques.

Learn to Meditate

Our seminars introduce several basic meditation techniques effective for overcoming the debilitating symptoms of stress and unhappiness and enhancing the quality of life and relationships.

When We Die

Death is the only certainty we have in this life, and without understanding & acceptance it holds a fear & dread for many of us. This two part course will cover the death process, how to help others and the practicalities and legalities that are involved.


In commencing classes we are are of course subject to all rules and regulations in place around COVID-19. Visitors should make use of the hand sanitising stations and follow all other guidelines as required. Please consider others and if you are unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms please stay home until you have recovered. Thank you for your co-operation,

Classes and Retreats​


July 2020
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