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Les Sheehy


Les Sheehy was born and raised in Fremantle and was drawn to Tibetan Buddhism as a young man during which time he lived in Queensland and studied under Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden.  It was there that he met his wife Margaret, another of Geshe Loden’s students.  In 1981, after Les and Margaret had married and returned to WA, Geshe-la asked them to establish a Tibetan Buddhist Society centre in Perth, with Les as resident teacher.

In the early days, Les gave teachings from their family home.  Despite the considerable demands placed on him as a small business owner and father of two daughters, Les continued to deliver regular classes, no matter how frenetic his own schedule.  In the years that followed, student numbers steadily grew.

During this busy time, Les was State Manager for the first visit to Perth by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1982, and was closely involved in the 1992 visit, and again was State Manager for the latest visit to Perth in 2007.  Each of these visits has brought Les into direct contact with His Holiness, and each has successfully reached out to increasingly larger audiences.

It was under Les’s leadership, and thanks to the generosity of many people, that the centre in Perth moved to its current location in the Swan Valley Perth, and built the first traditional Tibetan Buddhist temple in Western Australia.  Following the example set by Geshe Loden in Melbourne, who constructed the first such temple in Australia, Les and Margaret managed all aspects of the project from design and construction to fundraising and sourcing the many traditional ornaments which adorn the building.  The result is the magnificent temple we enjoy today in which students are able to participate in classes and retreats.

The reason that the Tibetan Buddhist Society has flourished in Perth is thanks to Les’s gift as a teacher.  He has a rare ability to explain the complex in a way that’s easy for most of us to understand. 

While his knowledge is informed by long familiarity with core texts, equally important is his down to earth style and entertaining humour, making his classes enjoyable as well as valued learning opportunities. 

Widely respected for his conscientious study of Dharma texts over many years, as well as his own self-discipline as a meditator, Les leads by example, with humility and humour.

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