Teachings & Retreats


Sundays 4 pm to 5.30 pm (During teaching terms - view our calendar here)


Please note that this class is primarily aimed at adults. Therefore we recommnmed that those attending be teenagers and upwards.


The Path to Enlightenment is a core text in Tibetan Buddhism.  It presents the Buddha’s main teachings in a clear, step-by-step format, with each stage serving as a foundation for the next.  The Path to Enlightenment may also be likened to a practice manual, providing a wide range of different techniques appropriate for a variety of circumstances.  These help us cultivate greater happiness and inner peace in our daily lives, while leading towards the ultimate objective of enlightenment.



The Buddha recognised that all of us must deal with negative mental states including stress, anxiety, delusion and depression.


By gaining an understanding of how these negative thought patterns cause and contribute to our dissatisfaction and unhappiness,  The Path to Enlightenment provides antidotes to these states through the practice of both formal meditation as well as other mind-training techniques.

Inspired further by the teachings, we set out to realise our full potential.  Through the practice of the six perfections, culminating in the perfection of wisdom, we accomplish ultimate benefit for ourselves and others.

This class is ideal for both experienced students as well as those who have completed an introduction course or who have a basic understanding of Buddhism.  Copies of The Path to Enlightenment, a comprehensive text written by Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden, are available for purchase in our bookshop.

Registration in this course is not required, and students attend on a week by week basis. While no charges are made for teachings, we do suggest a $10 donation towards the running costs of the temple.

Please note that this class is aimed at adults and is not suitable for small children. If you do wish to bring your children we recommend that they be at least teenagers.