Teachings & Retreats


At the Tibetan Buddhist Society in Perth we hold a number of annual retreats of varying lengths and on various topics. Some retreats will be suitable for students of all levels, whilst some have pre-requisites.

Please see below for the a basic description of each of our annual retreats. Please note that dates and retreat topics are subject to change. Once dates and topcs are confirmed, retreat applications and further details will be available.



8 Days (Residential retreat) -  Commencing on the first Saturday in January 

Each year we hold an eight day Mahamudra retreat. This retreat comprises teachings and meditations on understadning and experiencing the conventional nature of mind, as well as the ultimate nature of mind, self and phenomena.

This retreat is suitable for both new students and advanced students. New students should have a basic understanding of Buddhism and some experience with Path to Enlightenment teachings such as attending our Sunday afternoon classes.

2019 Mahamudra Retreat - Commencing Saturday January 5th
Retreat applications available now - please contact the office



3 days (Residential retreat) - Commencing Good Friday 2019

Previous subjects of our Easter retreat have included the practice and development of Calm Abiding (Single Pointed Concentration), the development of Bodhichitta - Great Love & Great Compassion and the practice of Lama Tsong Khapa Guru Yoga.

This retreat is generally suitable for both new students and advanced students. Any specific pre-requisities will be advised when the topic is announced.

2019 Easter Retreat - Commencing Good Friday April 19 and concluding Sunday afternoon
Full details and retreat applications will be available in term 4



8 days (Residential retreat) - Commencing June 1 and concluding lunchtime on June 8

This retreat is suitable for both new students and advanced students and there are no pre-requisites. Durint the retreat Les will guide meditations on the complete Path to Enlightenment and will teach extensively from Geshe Loden's text.

Full details and retreat applications will be available in term 1, 2019


2 or 3 Weeks (Residential retreat)

On alternate years, we hold either a two week Yamantaka retreat or a three week Vajrayogini retreat. These retreats include teaching and meditation sessions and students will complete a mantra commitment. The retreat will conclude with a traditional fire puja. To be able to attend these retreats you must have received the appropriate Highest Yoga Tantra initiation and have some experience with the practice.

2019 - 2 WEEK YAMANTAKA RETREAT - Commencing Saturday July13 and concluding 27
Full details and retreat applications for this reterat will be available later this year.
Please email our office if you are interested in attending