Teachings & Retreats

The Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

March 2019

The Venerable Acharya Zasep Tulku Rinpoche is a highly realised and respected teacher of Tibetan Buddhism.

Along with our spiritual head Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden, they were the first two Tibetan lamas who resided in Australia.
We are pleased to announce that Rinpoche is visiting Australia in 2019 and has once again agreed to visit us here in Perth.

In what is a wonderful opportunity for dharma students, Rinpoche will give teachings and grant rare & precious highest yoga tantra initiations.

The 2019 program is as follows:
Wednesday March 20th, 7pmPath to Enlightenment Teaching
Thursday March 21st, 7pmMahamudra book launch
Friday March 22nd (Evening - time TBA)Preliminary Yamantaka Initiation
Saturday March 23rd (Day - time TBA)                                                        Main Yamantaka Initiation
Sunday March 24th (Day - time TBA)Vajrayogini Initiation                                  
Tuesday March 26th, 7pmMahamudra Teaching
Further details about the program and initiations.

Path to Enlightenment Teaching: Rinpoche will give teachings the three principal paths in Tibetan Buddhism.

Mahamudra Teaching: Rinpoche will give teachings and guide meditations on understanding the conventional and ultimate nature of mind.

Mahamudra Book Launch: The launch of Rinpoche's highly anticipated Mahamudra book - further details to be advised.

Yamantaka Initiation: Yamantaka is the wrathful manifestation of Manjushri, the Buddha of wisdom. This practice presents the means to quickly overcome obstacles that hinder one’s Dharma practice and to achieve enlightenment.

Vajrayogini Initiation: Vajrayogini is a semi-wrathful female Buddha. This practice presents clear & concise instructions to achieve enlightenment in the modern world.


Please note there are life-long daily commitments associated with the initiations. Details of these commitments can be found in the attachement to the registration form.

It is NOT possible to attend these initiations as an observer or as a blessing only.

For further details and registration information please click here to send us an email